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About Levin Law Firm

Levin lawyers bring with them a tremendous background of experience from both big firms as well as Fortune 500 companies, while at the same time delivering to our clients the personalized service and flexibility to handle most every situation.


Our Practice Areas

Intellectual Property

We consult and advise individuals and businesses on best practices on mediums including film, television, print, and web usage.

Business Litigation

Our attorneys assist businesses, including but not limited to corporations, limited liability companies, and various partnerships.

Why Clients Choose Us

Our experience and professionalism are key to our clients. We understand your businesses, even from your point of view. We put ourselves in your shoes to protect you with integrity. 

We don’t just provide legal services. Our attorneys at Levin Law are here to help you solve your problems. We care about our clients and treat them like family. 

Our Attorneys Have:

Successful Recoveries for Clients
Combined Years of Experience
Dollars Recovered In Matters Involving Our Attorneys
Jurisdictions - Attorneys in the firm are respectively licensed in California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts

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    Our Values

    At Levin Law, we treat each individual case differently than the last. Each strategy is custom to you and your case. No single lawsuit or matter is the same, and should not be treated as such. We will work diligently with depth and determination on your matter. 


    We analyze each case carefully to determine achievable goals and the right strategy for you. We won’t stop until you are satisfied with the outcome.


    We go above and beyond our legal knowledge. Our attorneys are well versed in your specific industries as well, which gives us an advantage.


    We have the willingness to fight through adversity and persevere in the case. Our attorneys will persevere through any obstacles thrown our way.


    Words From Clients

    • Jason Levin is virtually the ONLY copyright attorney I have found who truly understands life and business from the artist’s point of view.

      Robbi Cohn
      Owner, Dead Images
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