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Why Clients Choose Us?

Our experience and professionalism are key to our clients. We understand your businesses, even from your point of view. We put ourselves in your shoes to protect you with integrity. 

We don’t just provide legal services. Our attorneys at Levin Law are here to help you solve your problems. We care about our clients and treat them like family. 

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Does the Levin Law Firm represent both companies using intellectual property and owners of intellectual property?

Yes, while the bulk of our work is with intellectual property owners in protecting their works in both licensing deals and protection from unauthorized use, we also advise businesses and web-developers on best practices for creating and maintaining products and websites that are compliant with all aspects copyright, trademark, and any other areas of law.

What are best practices for building my website, social media accounts or other business related materials such as flyers or advertisements?

We are happy to discuss all issues, please contact our office to discuss.  At a very basic level, however, we can offer that if you did not take a photograph or create a piece of art yourself there is a chance that it may be subject to the rights of another.  Using your own work is always a good practice.  If you want to use works of another, paying for licenses from reputable sources is always a good place to begin, giving not only the potential for an inference that you are acting in good-faith with respect to your attempt to properly license material for its use (should that license turn out to be unauthorized) but also an extra layer of security as you should be able to look to the licensor for indemnification should there be anything defective with the right to use the work.

All my company did was (repost, re-tweet, re-pin, etc.) an image from someone else on our social media account. Can we be held responsible for doing so when it was someone else who posted it first and we just copied what they did?

Yes.  Please make no mistake about it, each person is responsible for their postings to their own social media accounts. Re-posting a copyrighted work which the original poster had no legitimate right to post in the initial instance is copyright infringement.

We are looking for new partners

We frequently partner with other law firms to act as local counsel, or retain them to act as local counsel in other jurisdictions.